Web Logic Group Search Engine Optimization and Positioning

Web Logic Group can dramatically increase the probability of your web site appearing higher in search results for Google, Yahoo and others. We have done this successfully for many companies and have case histories to demonstrate the solid effectiveness of our approach.

Unlike other companies who charge high fees for merely adding keywords and submitting your web site to "link farms" and similar entities, we make specific coding changes to your web pages to push you to the top of search results. These are real, lasting changes that will give your company's products and services a significant presence in search engines.

What We Will Do For You
WLG uses a very specialized methodology we have developed through extensive trial and error. Experience has clearly shown that pages optimized in this manner achieve consistently higher rankings than those positioned by "tricks" or "gimmicks" offered by other companies.

We recognize that the real objective of e-commerce is not to produce hits, but SALES. Few customers search for companies by name, or by category. Invariably, most customers search directly for what they want to buy. We therefore take a very pragmatic, targeted approach to successfully position your actual products and services — the very things people search for. We produce real, tangible "Find-Buy" relationships between you and your customers.

What We Will Need From You
It is important to understand that every web site is different and there are no "one-size-fits-all" solutions. If there were, everyone would be using them. Thus, the most critical component in the pre-optimization stage is a complete review of your existing web site.

After reviewing your web site, we will make specific recommendations with respect to its content, organization, and construction. In some cases modifications may be required, or additional content may be needed. In order to keep your costs as low as possible and still achieve the desired results, we will work closely with you to insure that all of the information we will need from you is organized and available to us when we begin our tasks.

How We Will Perform Our Work For You
There are many aspects to our methodology and it would take a long time to cover them all. Suffice to say that we take our work very seriously and we are genuinely committed to improving your Internet presence. In this context, there are no minor details.

We will advise you of all steps we believe to be necessary to achieve the desired results. The costs involved will reflect our assessment of your particular web site and the changes that must be made to accomplish your objectives.

Once your site has been fully optimized and finalized, we will review it with you and make any last-minute cosmetic and/or functional changes you would like. Once we have finalized the web site, it is ready for submission to search engines. We do not use any "shortcuts" to accomplish this very important task — all submissions are performed by hand. We also construct comprehensive XML sitemap files that conform to the precise requirements of various search engines to insure that all of your site pages are properly indexed.

Long Term Maintenance
Most web sites require regular updates and code maintenance to address changes in content, new products, etc. It is extremely important that such changes be made in accordance with the optimization we perform for you. Otherwise, you can inadvertantly undo the work and damage your positioning. Even minor changes can be significant from a search engine's point of view.

Again, we are genuinely committed to significantly improving your Internet presence. To that end, WLG offers several plans for performing hands-on updating and maintenance. We will perform your site modifications and produce regular monthly reports to keep you appraised of your positioning and progress. You need continue only as long as you are satisfied with the results. We can even train you to do it yourself and avoid on-going maintenance costs.

For additional information or a quote, please contact:
Thomas A. Sawyer
SEO Specialist